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Why Do Canine Eat Poop?

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We’ve all seen our canines do issues that we discover repulsive. They sniff rotting animal carcasses, lick one another’s butts, and eat their very own vomit. However arguably essentially the most disturbing conduct noticed in our canine companions is poop consuming, often known as coprophagia.

Coprophagia just isn’t distinctive to canines and is noticed as a pure and even mandatory conduct in lots of animals. Rabbits and rodents, for instance, should eat their very own poop with a purpose to acquire many important vitamins [1]. In different younger animals, together with horses, consuming their mom’s poop helps to ascertain their regular intestine microbiome—the great micro organism that lives within the intestines and is crucial for well being [2].

On this article, we’ll discover why canines eat poop, when to be nervous about it, and what you are able to do about this gross conduct.

Why Do Canine Eat Poop?

Beagle puppy playing in the garden

Consuming poop is as a rule a traditional conduct in canines. In any case, poop is pungent and canines appear to like pungent issues.

Consuming poop additionally serves a goal in some instances. For instance, mom canines have to stimulate new child puppies to defecate and urinate by licking them and can ingest their poop as a consequence. Mom canines may also eat their pup’s poop in an effort to maintain their dens or dwelling areas clear. Most puppies may also undergo a part of consuming poop.

Typically, coprophagia generally is a signal of illness in canines. Canine with illnesses that stop their our bodies from digesting and absorbing vitamins will typically eat their very own poop. That is doubtless the physique’s try to get extra vitamins.

German Shepherd lying in the grass in evening light

One such illness is known as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI), which happens mostly in German Shepherds. On this illness the pancreas doesn’t produce the enzymes that the physique must correctly digest meals. Widespread signs embody giant, voluminous tender stools, extreme starvation, and weight reduction.

One other extra generally occurring digestive illness which will trigger coprophagia is inflammatory bowel illness (IBD). In IBD the intestines are abnormally infected and this results in decreased absorption of vitamins from the weight loss plan. Signs of IBD are much like these of EPI. Sure bacterial and parasitic infections can even result in canines consuming poop.

Dog eating from bowl outside

Canine with illnesses or these receiving drugs that trigger extreme starvation can also be caught munching on poo. Cushing’s illness, a illness through which the physique produces an excessive amount of cortisol (stress hormone) will generally make canines very hungry. Equally, canines on steroid drugs, equivalent to prednisone, can also eat poop as a consequence of elevated starvation. Phenobarbital, a typical seizure remedy, will usually improve urge for food as nicely. Diabetes can even make canines hungry sufficient to eat poop.

Canine that eat poop can also have a dysfunction known as pica. Canine with pica eat non-food gadgets like grime, sticks, rocks, and typically poop. Pica has quite a lot of causes together with psychological and medical points. Anemia will generally trigger pica so it will be significant for canines with pica to bear blood checks. Pica and coprophagia may also be as a consequence of psychological issues equivalent to obsessive compulsive dysfunction and separation anxiousness.

Why Do Canine Eat Cat Poop?

Two corgis sitting on couch with cat

Some canines are infamous for raiding the cat litter field and, a lot to our disgust, feasting on cat poop. For poop-eating pups, plainly cat poop is further scrumptious.

Cats are obligate carnivores whereas canines are omnivores. Because of this, cat meals sometimes incorporates extra meat and protein than pet food. That is doubtless why cat meals is fairly tasty to most canines and their poop might have comparable tastes.

Cat poop can also be readily accessible inside the home so it could be simpler to get to than canine poop outdoors.

Why Do Puppies Eat Poop?

Puppy sniffing outdoors

Puppies discover their new and thrilling worlds with their mouths. When puppies eat poop it’s doubtless simply part of this regular exploratory conduct. It has additionally been hypothesized that puppies might eat their very own and different animals’ poop with a purpose to set up wholesome intestine microbiomes [3].

How you can Cease Your Canine From Consuming Poop

Dog looking to owner outdoors with tongue hanging out of mouth

You will need to prepare your canine to not eat poop as quickly because the conduct first begins as a result of the longer {that a} conduct happens the extra it’s strengthened and the more durable it will likely be to extinguish. Comply with these steps to assist cease your canine from consuming poop.

Take away Entry

Step one is to take away your canine’s entry to poop as a lot as doable. As quickly as your canine poops make certain to select it up. In case you are crate-training your canine, make certain the crate is barely giant sufficient in your canine to face up and switch round. If the crate is just too giant, he might poop in it and eat the proof.

In case you have a cat at house, think about putting litter containers on a countertop that your cat can attain however your canine can’t, or use a child gate to forestall your canine entry to the litter field.

Redirect Consideration

Owner giving puppy a toy outside

Subsequent, as quickly as you discover that your canine is sniffing or displaying curiosity in poop, redirect his consideration to a toy or deal with and reward your canine as quickly as he leaves the poop alone. You can even work on coaching your canine to carry out a command equivalent to depart it, look or sit each time he goes for poop. Ensure to instantly reward your canine with a really tasty deal with as quickly as he performs the command.

Don’t Punish Your Canine

It will be significant by no means to scold your canine or chase him when he’s consuming poop. This can doubtless simply make him scarf down the poop extra shortly. It could additionally result in worry and anxiousness, or might inadvertently reward the conduct. He might affiliate consuming poop with a enjoyable recreation of chase!

Test Your Canine’s Weight loss program and Exercise Degree

Dog playing with intelligence toy

In case your canine is consuming poop, make it possible for he’s consuming a meals that’s nutritionally full and balanced as malnutrition could also be an element. It’s also necessary to make it possible for your canine receives loads of every day train and psychological stimulation with toys. Canine which might be bored or unstimulated usually tend to be coprophagic.

Strive Dietary supplements or Powders

There are specific chews, treats, powders, and dietary supplements which you can give canines which might be designed to enhance digestive well being or are alleged to make their poop style dangerous. These will solely work if all of the pets within the family are given these merchandise till the canine stops consuming poop persistently. Nonetheless, these merchandise received’t work for all canines.

Speak to Your Veterinarian

Woman holding dog talking to vet

If consuming poop has turn into an ongoing concern in your canine, particularly if he has another irregular signs or behaviors, it is rather necessary to have him evaluated by your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian will rule out medical causes of coprophagia by performing a bodily examination, fecal checks and blood checks.

If medical points have been excluded, you may have tried coaching methods, and you continue to can not cease your canine from consuming poop, your veterinarian might refer you to a veterinary behaviorist to assist deal with a suspected behavioral dysfunction.


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