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Are Akitas Hypoallergenic? An Allergy Sufferer’s Information to Canine

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Having pet allergy symptoms once you adore canine will be extremely unfair. One technique to cut back your reactions is to search for a hypoallergenic breed. However in case you have your eye on the lovable Akita, you may surprise if these canine are secure to personal for allergy victims.

Sadly, this can be a strong no. Akitas are fairly the other of hypoallergenic.

Right here, we focus on a number of strategies that you need to use to make dwelling with an Akita extra bearable should you endure from pet allergy symptoms. We additionally have a look at what breeds it’s best to keep away from, in addition to the highest hypoallergenic breeds.

What Makes Us Allergic to Pets?

Our allergy symptoms to pets come primarily from three issues:

  • Dander: Nearly all mammals with fur have dander, which consists of useless pores and skin cells. Many individuals consider that they’re allergic to fur, however when canine shed their hair, dander sheds with it. When dander comes into contact with the eyes, nostril, and mouth, it might trigger an allergic response.
  • Saliva: Dried saliva is a big a part of the issue for allergy victims. When canine lick their fur, it will definitely dries up, flakes off, and turns into airborne. Like with dander, it might trigger an allergic response when it hits you.
  • Urine: This isn’t at all times the reason for allergy symptoms as a result of canine often urinate exterior, however accidents can occur inside, and it’s one other allergy set off.

Why Are Akitas Not Good for Allergy Victims?

Akitas are spitz-type canine bred to be hardy staff within the chilly climates in Japan. So, like different spitz breeds, they’ve profusely thick fur with dense undercoats. What this implies is loads of shedding!

They want brushing at the least as soon as every week in the course of the summer time and winter as a result of they don’t shed an excessive amount of at these instances. However within the spring and fall, they “blow” their coats. This implies they are going to virtually create a blizzard of fur inside the home. That is when day by day brushing is so as — an allergy sufferer’s nightmare!

Can an Allergy Sufferer Dwell With an Akita?

Is it nonetheless attainable to deliver an Akita into an allergy sufferer’s residence? There are a number of steps which you could take which may make issues simpler, however this additionally is dependent upon how unhealthy the individual’s allergy symptoms are.

  • Cloth: Take into consideration changing any furnishings lined in material that tends to draw hair — velvet, wool, and so forth. Take into account denim, leather-based, silk, and satin, as hair doesn’t stick to those surfaces fairly as a lot.
  • Baths: Akitas shouldn’t be bathed too usually, otherwise you’ll dry out the pores and skin, which additionally means extra dander. While you bathe your canine, solely use shampoo for canine, which might additionally assist cut back shedding.
  • Cleansing: You’ll must work additional arduous at cleansing and vacuuming to get rid of the surplus dander and fur on all surfaces. Take into account a vacuum for pet hair, and be thorough — vacuum the steps, curtains, and furnishings. You’ll additionally wish to repeatedly wash your canine’s bedding and anyplace else that your canine tends to hang around. A HEPA filter in an air air purifier might additionally assist.
  • Brushing: You may must get another person to do the brushing should you’re the one with the allergy symptoms. Both method, you’ll want a slicker brush and an undercoat rake. Brush them a minimal of as soon as every week in the summertime and winter and each day within the spring and fall. Attempt to do it exterior, particularly when they’re blowing their coats.
  • Off-limit bed room: In case you don’t enable your Akita in your bed room, this will provide you with one secure room with out allergens.
akita dog in snow
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What Different Canine Breeds Ought to Allergy Victims Keep away from?

You’ll wish to keep away from canine that are likely to drool and shed ceaselessly or have many pores and skin folds, which embrace:

  • Basset Hounds
  • Boxers
  • Cocker Spaniels
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • German Shepherds
  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Pekingese
  • Saint Bernards
  • Siberian Huskies

Breeds to Take into account for Allergy Victims

There’s no such factor as a very hypoallergenic breed, however some canine have a coat sort that makes them simpler to stay with in case you have allergy symptoms.

  • Afghan Hounds
  • Bichon Frise
  • Chinese language Crested
  • Maltese
  • Poodles
  • Portuguese Water Canine
  • Schnauzers
  • Delicate Coated Wheaten Terriers
  • Yorkshire Terriers


The attractive Akita is just not your best option for somebody with allergy symptoms, however it’s doable in case you are diligent along with your cleansing and if somebody can provide you a hand with the grooming half. If having an Akita merely isn’t within the playing cards, there are numerous wonderful canine which might be simpler for allergy victims to stay with.


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